Tacos was hit by a car. A person stopped to get him out of the road and found he was still alive. The person didn’t think he would survive and took him home to pass in warmth.
Tacos is tougher than that. He had a broken leg and was bruised up, but seemed fairly ok. The person asked for help for him.
We weren’t sure if he was feral, or just acting out because he was hurt. In any case, there was no touching him.
Dr Rich, at Sierra Oasis Animal Care in Rosamond, was up for the challenge. He splinted Tacos’ leg (instead of amputation) and gave him a place to rest.

Today, Tacos is doing fine. He walks ok, but running is difficult for him. He sits with the broken leg sticking out sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.
He loves to be petted and will just sit quietly and chat about it. He is shy but I don’t think it’s nervousness… I think it’s just that he’s been hurt and doesn’t move as well as he used to.
He is a gentle, curious cat, and gets along with other cats. He would need a quiet house to be comfortable.

He is neutered and utd on his vaccinations.

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